• “Hi there, I have suffered with gum disease for the last 14 years, seen many a specialist, all to no avail. A friend recommended your 3CP / 333 throat spray, at first I was sceptical believeing it was merely for a sore throat, I have now used your product for the last 2 weeks, WOOOOOOOOW there are no words !!!!!! I am delighted with the results, my doctors are in awe and cannot believe the improvement in the condition, also for the first time in a very long time I finally have good oral health which in turn makes me feel so much better, a huge THANK YOU to 3CP / 333 for an exceptional product, you are my saving grace when after trying many different medications, nothing worked, I am eternally grateful, I feel great and my self esteem is at an all time high, THANK YOU.”
    Linda M
  • “Dear Phend, my son was a prem baby and over the years he has suffered many health issues as a result, particularly with sore throat and tonsillitis became a regular thing for him, after too many antibiotics, we finally were recommended your throat spray by a family member, it has been the miracle I wish we had found so many years ago, Dylan has not had tonsillitis nor a sore throat for months now, he is confident and now has the chance to play all the sports he was always unable to, what an outstanding product, I even use it regularly as I love the freshness it provides as my line of work requires I speak to people all day, I am eternally grateful to you Phend group. Thank you from a mother who had almost given up all hope.”
    Samantha T
    Cape Town
  • “A big shout out to Phend for your outstanding products, I am a nursery school teacher and all your products help to make life easier, little ones have a habit of ending the mornings with knee grazes, scratches and general minor medical emergencies, being responsible for a group of youngsters on a daily basiscan be quite trying, thanks to 3CP / 333 I know when one of them gets hurt, we have 3CP / 333 to count on, you’re right, it works, always safe to use, other than band aids it’s an essential in my classroom medical kit.”
    Carmen A
  • “Hi, I have worked on a cruiseline for the last 6 months, when I left my mom popped a bottle in my bag, I thought she was being over protective, long story short, one night we had a bit of a calamity on bord and some passengers were slightly injured, I remembered the 3CP / 333, we dressed their wounds with it and 2 days later you could barely see where they had been hurt, none the less, my contract was extended with an increase and promotion, so just wanna say to my mum and 3CP / 333 you guys rock, I’ll never travel without 3CP / 333 again..”
    Stewart W